Tips for your fall family session

Autumn is one of those times of year that brings great joy to my heart.  With each drop in temperature, I draw closer and closer to the side of my closet where my sweaters are hung.  I slowly start to break out the fall candles and patiently wait to see the first sign of changing leaves.

Growing up, some of my best memories are running through the freshly raked leaf pile at Grandma's house.  Although I think my first memories were trying to find the biggest pumpkin in the patch.  

As a photographer with an eye for candid portraits, I want to share in the joy of the season and capture some very special moments for you and your family that you can cherish for years to come.  

As you prepare for your family session this upcoming season, there are a couple of things to keep in mind: 

  1. Wardrobe - matching colors is a fad of the past.  The best family portraits are captured when you are comfortable and in something that you would traditionally wear.  That being said, coordination with the rest of the family is still important.  Take into consideration the colors of your surroundings.  In this case, we are outdoors among the greens, browns, reds, and yellows.  Solid colors over print is usually best as well, however I am quite partial to a plaid. 
  2. Location - With our great city of Chicago having so many wonderful parks to enjoy, it isn't difficult to select a location where we can not only get great photos, but also have a lot of fun as well - I'll bring the rake!  TimeOut Magazine has provided this great list of places to choose from to see the best fall foliage in Chicago.
  3. Time of day - Morning and dusk are usually the best times to capture the most natural lighting.  However, If time constricts us to having the shoot in the middle of the day, I can edit just about any photo to get the same magical lighting we're looking for.
  4. Peak Season - It is said that October is the most ideal time for the changing leaves, however I have had some amazing fall shoots even through the end of November. 

Whether you are seeking just a few fun family portraits, or a full session, I have packages for both.  Dont forget to include your furry family as well!  

Be sure to contact me soon to get your date on the calendar so we can ensure your family's session is taken during peak season.


*The first picture below is my Grandmother getting the leaf pile ready for my sister and I; the second picture is my first visit to a pumpkin patch