Creatvitiy beyond Pinterest

I feel very privileged to have gotten to collaborate with so many imaginative people.  Planning outside the box photo shoots is one of my favorite things to do as a photographer.

Often times people look at Pinterest as the end all be all for ideas.  While Pinterest is a great place to get inspiration, dont forget to look within your own imagination to find ideas that match who you truly are.  Subconsciously we scroll and scroll and the overwhelming amount of information we're seeing at any given time can mute the creative ideas we already have in our own heads.  

While this may seem contradictory to the sole purpose of Pinterest, I encourage you to shut down the electronics and go for a walk.  Clearing your head and observing the world around you will give you so many other ideas that are truly yours, and not just the same concepts that are done over and over again.  

I love getting to collaborate on creative photo shoots and figure out how to make the crazy and awesome ideas come to life.  Think about what makes you, you, and who you have always wanted to be.  Photography is one of the best ways to bring anyone's true and aspired inner self out.