Museum Campus: A Rainy Day Photoshoot

Racing against the clock because a big storm was moving in, we were still able to get some great shots at Museum Campus.

Lucias and his family coordinated their outfits perfectly and with so much summer style. The kids took to the camera right away and had so much fun getting their pictures taken. I love it when children want to take over the photo shoot because we end up getting so many fun and candid shots.

While we were lucky that Museum Campus wasn’t crowded since the Air and Water Show was happening that weekend, we, unfortunately, ended up getting caught in the storm. However, before it started pouring too much we still snapped a couple of fun rain shots before running for cover.

No matter the weather, we can plan a perfect photo shoot for you. If rain is in the forecast but you prefer a clear day, no problem! We are flexible to ensure you have fun during the shoot and return home with the perfect photos. However, if you’re feeling adventurous, we can continue forward and have fun with the weather. Some ideas include colorful umbrellas, snowman building, a hot chocolate picnic in the snow and so much more! We can always take things indoors as well at places such as The Art Institue Of Chicago and The Chicago Cultural Center.

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