Millennium Park: Their First Trip Together

Visiting from California, America and Sean came to Chicago on their first trip together. As the two enjoyed each other and took in the sites, I captured some memorable moments for them around Millennium Park.

The photo tour took place in the morning in order to beat the crowds. Our plan certainly worked as it seemed we pretty much had all of Millennium Park to ourselves.

Since it was such a lovely day, we took the opportunity to make our way over to Buckingham Fountain, an optional part of the tour. It was well worth it as Buckingham Fountain is such a grand sight to be seen, and provides great natural air conditioning for those hot summer days.

While the weather and brightness of the sun can be unpredictable in Millennium Park due to limited amounts of shade, the morning time, before 10 am, is the best time slot to ensure the crowds are kept at a minimum. If lighting is more important to you, the best lighting conditions in Millennium Park are in the early evening, after 3 pm.

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