Celebrate Valentines Day in the HEART of Chicago

Get swept away in the heart of Chicago with your loved one this Valentine’s Day.  There’s always the go-to box of chocolates or flowers, but why not do something memorable and have your own photo shoot in the big city!

Too often we see people missing everything going on around them because they’re trying to take the perfect selfie.  Instead, embrace your surroundings and enjoy the experience.  With our exploration packages, photographer Andrea takes you around the city and is your personal paparazzi.  Shooting locations and routes are planned out and customized just for you.   

Worried about the weather in February?  If Chicago’s cold is a little too much for you, we can take things indoors!  Chicago is full of amazing places such as The Chicago Cultural Center,  home to the world’s largest Tiffany stained-glass dome; the John Hancock or Willis Tower with their sweeping views of the city; The Art Institute with timeless art that you can only see in Chicago; and conservatories filled from top to bottom with beautiful flowers and nature.

*Permits may be required for various indoor locations, so please be sure to plan ahead to give us the appropriate time to obtain any necessary documentation. Entrance fees may apply depending on the location chosen. Please be sure to email andrea@wallflower-studios.com to verify if any fees or permits will apply.  

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