Millennium Park: A Birthday Celebration

On this beautiful Spring day, I was joined by Sylvia and Eric in Millennium Park. This was a very special photo shoot as it was a birthday surprise for Sylvia. With so much love and life these two share together, it was truly an honor to spend an afternoon with them.

Being a photographer herself, Sylvia was so excited to have a photo shoot in Chicago to celebrate her big day. So many laughs were shared and the connection between them made my job very easy.

No matter the celebration, without fail the recipient is ecstatic to receive such a unique gift. If you are looking to surprise someone with one of our photo shoot tours, but perhaps enhance it even further, free consultations are always available. We can help plan for a pampering session before the shoot, give restaurant guidance, special props for during the shoot, and so much more. We want your loved one to feel as special as possible!

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